About Us


Dahlila, Gina, Michelle Huerta

Pinky Rose Cosmetics is a collaboration of three Latina sisters; Gina, Michelle, and Dahlila Huerta. We successfully launched and established our brand on October 11, 2014. 

Together we are motivated visionaries with high standards and big dreams. With each of us contributing our unique style and love of cosmetics, we were able to make our vision reality. Joining the world of entrepreneurship has been one of the most amazing experiences we have encountered. To have our brand on the big screen in New York City in Times Square was surreal and so humbling all together.

It is an amazing venture to be building strong business relationships and friendships globally with business owners, celebrity's, celebrity makeup artist, and everyone who visits our store and follows our journey. We are blessed to watch our vision and business grow. We will continue our promise in delivering affordable, high-quality products for all skin tones. We believe in "Beauty for all, there is no better way"

Pinky Rose hopes you enjoy our collections, which allows you to express yourself, express your love for color, express your talent and creativity. As we continue to grow our product line we hope you continue to enjoy them.

Sincerely yours,


Pinky Rose Sisters,

Gina, Michelle & Dahlila Huerta