F34 Natural Hair Fan Brush

Pinky Rose®Cosmetics

$ 6.00 

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A fan-shaped brush used to highlight, dust, wipe, and redistribute powders along your features to add finishing touches to your look. Natural brushes are best used for applying powder-based makeup such as highlighters, powder-based blushes and bronzers. 

Soft and silky, this natural hair brush made of Goat bristles was designed to provide a pristine application of powder-based makeupNatural hair contains cuticles, which have great pick-up and blending properties. Cuticles help lift and absorb powdery pigment along with your skin’s oils and blend them seamlessly across the face, creating a natural, non-blotchy look. The hair is also super soft and makes for easy application on the face. 

Glossy gold aluminum ferrule with glitter specks that are unique in each brush.

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